BASK Yoga Mat

5MM thickness

72" x 27

$78.00 (available in studio)


focus on your practice not your mat

Less slipping, more gripping. This mat is specifically designed to keep you practicing in heated yoga classes with its all natural rubber construction. 5 different choices to help set your intention; breathe, strength, patience, calm, gratitude.

Caring for your BASK mat

  1. Keep it clean, use mild dish soap diluted with water to clean your mat approximately every 5-10 uses. Do not use any mat cleaner or essential oils to clean your mat as it may decrease the the durability and performance of the mat. 
  2. Let the mat air dry after use and cleaning, do not let the mat sit out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. 
  3. Roll the mat up with the logo side facing outwards so that your mat lays flat when it is being used again. 


Is this your first time practicing yoga or maybe this is your first time back in a studio? No problem, all of our classes are open levels and are designed in a way for everyone to follow along and receive the many benefits of yoga, regardless or your age or fitness level.