Class Types - Bask Hot Yoga


Bask Hot Yoga is a vinyasa based studio offering hot and warm classes. Each class is designed as an open levels practice and is suitable for beginners and long time practitioners alike.


Our yoga room is heated to 96°F via infrared heaters for an intense asana practice that will leave you feeling cleansed throughout the day. The heat allows for a deep opening in the muscles, providing a gentle environment to move into difficult postures. Whether a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner, the guided Vinyasa Flow from our talented instructors provides variations for all levels. This class is 75 minutes unless specified otherwise. Get ready to move, breathe and sweat in a creative way that will leave your mind clear and at peace.


Our yoga room is heated to 84°F via infrared heaters to keep your body comfortably warm. During this class, you will feel a sense of grounding and stability. Although not as intense as our “Hot Yoga” classes, Warm Yoga will present challenging postures with a gentle approach. The Vinyasa Flow is open level for all students, with many variations provided. This class is 75 minutes long unless specified otherwise. Come join the grounding flow that will keep you clear in the mind and stable in the body.


Yin is a slower pace style of yoga, where we relax the body and mind by holding postures for 3-5 minutes per pose. Longer, static holds enable us to access yin tissue – fascia and connective tissue. Deep holds allow us the ability to find stillness and ease in our bodies. Our yoga room is gently heated to about 80F, be prepared to find deep relaxation in this slow, meditative class.


Is this your first time practicing yoga or maybe this is your first time back in a studio? No problem, all of our classes are open levels and are designed in a way for everyone to follow along and receive the many benefits of yoga, regardless or your age or fitness level.