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Our mission is to share with you every avenue of mindfulness and health to explore how good your body has the potential to feel. We seek to find experiences that provide positive growth both mentally and physically through the practice of mindful movement. Our new wellness offering is a personalized hands-on approach to improving your overall health and wellbeing at our Brick studio location.

An integral part of physical training is allowing your body time to rest and recover from stress. Without this recovery you may become prone to injury or discomfort. Beyond resting, it is important to make sure your body's movement mechanics and joint functions are properly aligned.

What clients
are saying

"Dr. Jordon Centofanti is an outstanding chiropractor who is both personable and professional. Over the last three years, he has helped my posture drastically. He has also helped me recover from a tough shoulder injury and I can now workout without pain. Dr. Jordon has really improved my daily life and is exceptional at what he does. You will not regret making an appointment to see him!"

Therapy with Dr. Jordon

Chiropractic - Muscle Release - Rehab - Pin and Stretch - Therapeutic Exercises

Dr. Jordon has had the privilege of working with athletes ranging from the professional level to the weekend warrior. His assessments and exams don't just look at the area(s) of pain and discomfort, but instead looks at the whole body looking for dysfunction and the cause of pain. This is accomplished by a detailed history of the current area(s) of concern, postural, gait and functional movement assessments, as well as orthopedic testing and imaging if necessary. His personal athletic background has allowed him to be exposed to a wide range of athletes in the realms of motorsports, MMA, team and individual sports. His personal health history is filled with injury, which has afforded him the knowledge of when the right time to return to sport may be.

Treatment with Dr. Jordon

Treatment could include, instrument assisted and manual muscle release, Graston and FAKTR techniques, Pin and Stretch, home exercise plans, and Chiropractic care. Treatment is usually 15-20 minutes, but can last up to 30-45 minutes depending on the condition being treated. He will answer any questions and explain the reasoning for treatment to ensure you are confident and comfortable with your treatment. Pain and discomfort is just a symptom, he will find the cause.

If you need to make a change to your appointment please call or text 732-637-9656 24 hours prior to avoid losing your session. If you have any questions about your first appointment or any questions for Dr. Jordon please email info@baskhotyoga.com

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